the incredibles 2

Last month, “The Incredibles 2” premiered. We waited fourteen years for this movie. And, they were right, the wait was totally worth it. While watching the movie, I realized that it was more than just a movie. They created it with three important messages that aside from empowering women also shine a light on issues going on today.

If you didn’t catch it while you were watching the movie. Let me explain the three obvious messages “The Incredibles 2” made throughout their movie.

Sometimes your wife will be the breadwinner at home.

three incredibles empowers women

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This is a shocker to some but this one is true. The wage gap between men and women says it all. It’s a twenty percent difference and we’re not here for it.

However, if your wife is making more than you then love and support her. If she’s the one that holds it down in your household, love and support her.All we need to continue to give a fight every single day are those two things.

There’s absolutely no reason to be ashamed if she makes more than you. Continue to support your woman and watch her kick butt in whatever she’s doing. Be the person that motivates her to do her best and know when to fall back and let her win.

Empowering your woman should be easy, let her know that she can do all the things she wants. And, she will be amazing at them.

Being a stay at home parent is hard.

the incredibles empowers women

Mr. Incredible became the stay-at-home parent when Elastigirl was out there conquering the world. Incredible, right? The movie points out that parenthood is hard. And, done properly, parenting is a heroic act.

How many of us remember telling others that our parents were our heroes?

Maybe there was a reason for that. Imagine all the struggles, sleepless nights and wrecks that our parents dealt with while raising us. I’ve seen it with my younger siblings and I related to Mr. Incredible trying to teach Dash math.

Parenting doesn’t get easier, you just find what works. It’s time to thank our parents for everything they did and remember the difficulties when we have our own kids.

Those who have the privilege of the “get out of jail” free card will always just get a slap on the wrist.

the incredibles empowering women

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Violet Parr said it best, “I’m sorry she’s rich and will only get a slap on the wrist.”

We’ve seen this all too often. A person commits a crime and receives a “get out of jail” free card because they have money. What is their punishment? A big “no, no” and a slap on the wrist. That should be enough consolation to a parent who is mourning the loss of their child, or a child mourning the loss of their parent.

It’s never surprising yet we continue to get our hopes up that next time “things will be better.” Just to find comfort in disappointment once again. But why is this?

This happens because the U.S judicial system punishes the poor and rewards the rich. Those who have the money to pay their bail, get to go home. Those who do not on the other hand, are not so lucky and end up in prison before they go to trial.

To my surprise, the 14-year wait was completely made up for when they decided to shine a light on this. It’s important for my generation to be okay with knowing your wife will kick butt for the both of you. Be proud of her and show her off.

We know that being a parent is hard, we’ve seen our parents do it, but if a superhero struggles with it, we know our work is cut out for us. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t do it.

And lastly, the “get out of jail” free card doesn’t just exist in Monopoly and it’s time to change that.