It’s October, we officially have three months left of this year. This is usually the time where the world turns crazy and before you know it Christmas is here. However, it’s important to take a step back and realize what you are hoping to accomplish this month. Just like the beginning of fall, it’s the beginning of the month and here are my monthly goals for the month of October.

“Setting goals is the first step into turning the invisible visible.” – Tony Robins

1 | Be consistent.

This is one that always gets me. I usually will do so great a couple of weeks and then fall off the grid for a couple of weeks. It’s a vicious cycle and I am hoping to break it.

So this month, I want to write four posts. And continue the four post consistency until the end of the year.

monthly goals

2 | Save, save, save.

Although I save throughout the year, two months before Christmas I will usually cut my expenses so that I can have a little extra cash for the month of December. I will save up all my change, dollar bills, cut back random spending and whatever else I can do to make sure my wallet does not feel the impact of Christmas shopping.

Monthly goals like this are important to keep in mind not just towards the end of the year but also throughout the year.

3 | Gather ideas for Christmas gifts.

We all know as soon as October hits, so do the ideas for Christmas gifts. What I love to do in order to have all my gifts for everyone, is to start shopping early. I always start mid-to-end of October to make sure that I don’t break the bank and so that I can take everyone I shop for into consideration.

Also, this also allows more time to return things if you later regret the gift you get someone. You don’t want people to outdo your gift.

4 | Check up on friends.

With the Holidays coming around, this is the time of year where suicide rates go up. One of my goals this month is to make sure to check in with friends, see how they are doing and if they need any emotional support. It’s so important to be there for the people you care about.

This should not just be on your list monthly goals that you do to just check off. I challenge you to do this every day for a year and see how your friendship flourish.

5 | Make time for my blog.

I have got to say, school work has gotten the best of me the past couple of weeks. So this month, my priority is to get my blog where I know it can be. I need to make time to prioritize what’s important to me – without the excuses.

This October,

monthly goals

I am excited to continue to cross things off of my to-do list for this year. My biggest accomplishment thus far has been my blog. I am excited for the places it will go and for the adventures that are to come.

What are you planning to achieve this month? Let me know in the comments below!