july monthly goals

I’m excited to begin this writing journey. It’s something that I have always wanted to do and have never really dedicated the time to it. That’s changing this time around. I am taking this blog to new levels. It’s halfway through the month, but not too late to tell you about my July goals.

It’s interesting how many things can change in a month. Last month, I had no idea that I would be as invested in achieving all that I want to and planning for it. This internship has helped me pave the way for so many new things. Here are the top five July goals I am hoping to accomplish.

1 | Creating consistent content.

If I’ve learned anything is it’s that if you do anything consistently, then it becomes a habit. Creating consistent content for me is posting on here at least twice a week. Kicking off with an editorial calendar I’ll be creating this month for next month. So stay tuned for many blog posts to come beginning August 2nd.

However, I am planning to start a series and informational pieces as well. We’ll tackle everything from life to the silly little things that we see across the internet.

the dainty millennial july goals

2 | Finding a job that I enjoy.

As you know, I spent the past seven weeks in LA for an internship. Life was great while I was living it up. Coming back to reality was hard though because it means dealing with adult responsibilities. How great! 

My main goal is to find a freelance writing or editing job. I know I’ve got a long way to go but I’m no longer scared of what that path looks like.

3 | Network more.

I refuse to not go somewhere because I don’t want to talk to people. I’ve realized that making connections is much more important than anything. Having creatives in your life is such a fantastic opportunity for growth. If only we could see what we are giving up because we think that we can’t do it or because we’re afraid.

This month I plan on meeting at least 3 new people who are also bloggers. I want my connections to multiply.

the dainty millennial july goals

4 | Keep in touch with the friends I made.

In past friendships, I’ve been quick to not text or reply to text messages. It’s bad I know. My goal for this month is to continue to keep the people I met close. To let them know that I am thinking of them and the good times we had. It’s important to keep the relationship aside from the distance.

5 | Clean out my closet.

A little random, I know. I’ve realized that half the clothes I have, I either don’t wear or don’t need. So, this month I will be taking the time out to clean out and declutter my space. I need openness so my ideas can flow with me.

It’s easy to collect and not get rid of things. Sometimes it’s necessary though. It’s needed for sanity’s sake.

clean out closet

I’m planning on making my life better.

Doing better and making real change comes in baby steps. I’m making sure to get my July goals in check and checked off the list.

What are some things that you are planning on tackling this month?