hispanic heritage month

It’s officially Hispanic Heritage Month. For those of you who do not know how this all began, let me give you a mini history lesson:

According to the Hispanic Heritage Month website, this month of celebration began under President Lyndon Johnson’s Administration to “celebrate the histories, cultures, and contribution of American citizens whose ancestors came from Span, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America.” Under Johnson’s administration, it was a week long. President Ronald Reagan extended the observance to a full month in 1988.

Hispanic Heritage Month starts on September 15, the independence of many Latin American countries such as Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and my own country of Honduras.

President Trump made a speech at the Hispanic Heritage Month celebration in Washington D.C.

This was his version of fake news.

President Trump starts off in his usual manner. He makes comments about Hispanics who were attending the event that night, praising himself for the work he’s done while in office and lastly attempting to praise us.

Yet, we have seen the racist remarks President Trump has made toward our own people. How can a president who has expressed his hate towards our community get up on a stage and speak of those same people in a “high manner”? The President that called Mexican rapists and tweeted a picture of him eating a taco bowl for Cinco de Mayo with the remark that he “loves Hispanics”, is now praising Hispanics for the work they have contributed to the United States’ growth.

I ask myself, how?

Where is your love for Hispanics when you were separating Hispanic families, putting their babies in cages? Instead of coming together in unity, we continue to be divided. Hispanic Heritage Month is a time for celebration. A celebration of cultures like mine, who have become a part of this American Melting Pot.

“You inspire our entire nation.” – President Trump

Yes, right now that we are at the beginning of celebrating our culture, our history, and our hard work. We strive to inspire those who are a part of the communities affected by your presidency. However, when we are not in celebration of our communities, what happens then? Do we continue hating each other? Are you going to continue to belittle and talk to us like we are not worthy of being in this country?

Making a remark on the position of Treasurer of the United States, calling it a big position. A big position for who? Maybe for him, but not for the Mexican-American woman who currently holds the position, Jovita Carranza.

Before I could even finish watching, I was faced with the numbers to prove that he has “[lowered] the Hispanic unemployment rate” and “[lowered] the Hispanic poverty rate”.

If this doesn’t show you how much of a narcissist community he is creating, Irina Vilariño, a business owner in the Miami area, also suggested having an American Heritage Month. She states that “…had it not been for the principles on which this country was founded on for its generous nature and that of its people, my family and millions that conform our Cuban-American community in South Florida, I would not be telling this story here today…”

Throughout this month, the remarks that President Trump makes will become invalid. I have no desire to listen to him praise my fellow Latinx who have come here and achieved their American Dream.

I would like to say to those who have struggled from the bottom to their way up:
Thank you. Thank you for providing me with the stories of success. For showing me that despite the obstacles that presidencies, legislators and other Americans throw at us, we are invincible. Thank you for being the leaders that you are today.

No one can take away any of the struggles that we turned into victories – big or small.

Whether you were affected by DACA, separated from your family due to deportation, or even if you were affected by Hurricane Florence. Know that change will come and know that you will rise above and reach the goals you have been waiting on. Don’t let the hate get to you, let it fuel you to reach your full potential.

Be a part of the change and register to vote in the upcoming midterm elections. Every single vote counts. We should continue to make the changes in your communities so they are projected in the White House.